SIAC Arbitration Training Video

The SIAC Arbitration Training Video takes the viewer through all the key stages of an international commercial arbitration administered under the SIAC Rules. This innovative video features an impressive international cast of eminent arbitration experts from civil and common law jurisdictions, and was directed and filmed by award-winning Singaporean film director Eric Khoo’s team.

00. Opening (Running Time: 00:32)
01. Introduction (Running Time: 05:17)
02. The Dispute (Running Time: 07:15)
03. Commencing the Arbitration (Running Time: 22:44)
04. Emergency Arbitration Hearing (Running Time: 14:41)
05. Responding to SIAC & Appointing the Arbitrators (Running Time: 09:10)
06. Challenge to the Arbitrator (Running Time: 03:47)
07. Court of Arbitration Decides the Challenge (Running Time: 19:22)
08. The Proceedings - Early Stages (Running Time: 06:18)
09. Hearing on Jurisdiction - Oral Arguments (Respondents) (Running Time: 07:59)
10. Hearing on Jurisdiction - Oral Arguments (Claim) (Running Time: 05:05)
11. Hearing on Jurisdiction - Deliberations of Tribunal (Running Time: 07:11)
12. Decision on Jurisdiction (Running Time: 01:32)
13. The Merits Phase (Decisions on Procedure) (Running Time: 04:24)
14. Submissions (Running Time: 03:27)
15. Hearing on Merits (Opening Statements) (Running Time: 07:17)
16. Hearing on Merits (Cross Examination) (Running Time: 34:26)
17. Hearing on Merits (Final Arguments) (Opening Statements) (Running Time: 24:45)
18. The Award (Deliberations of the Tribunal) (Running Time: 10:34)
19. Scrutiny of the Award of Costs of Arbitration (Running Time: 03:38)
20. Enforcement of the Award (Running Time: 16:09)
21. Concluding Remarks (Running Time: 02:13)
22. Credits (Running Time: 05:00)
23. Cast Introductions (Running Time: 01:27)
24. Behind the Scenes (Running Time: 05:07)

If you would like a complimentary copy of the SIAC Arbitration Training Video, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that the complimentary copy of the video is only available for collection at our Singapore office.
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